Module ngõ ra có điện áp DI- M9305

  • Module ngõ ra có điện áp DI- M9305

    DI-M9305 Digital Single Riser Output Module is designed to control the
    powering route, switches on and off the supply to end devices.
    FeaturesDuring normal standby, Output port (O1, O2) is provided with Class B pathway supervision when connects with 47KΩ EOLR (Part Number 30108524).
    Occupying one address. It can be modified in filed.
    Output port utilizes AD sampling technology for precise testing
    Guide rail for installation, easy for construction
    Compatible with GST-M200 and GST-IFP4M Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP).
    Standard: UL864, NFPA [70, 72].

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